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making plans.

I love winter.  It may very well be my favorite season.  But here in Maryland we haven’t seen much of what makes winter…well, winter.

What I mean is, where’s the freaking snow?!

Seriously.  The few patches I came across on my run the other day are pretty much the extent of our winter.


Really quite pathetic.

And the lack of snow is really making me impatient about starting the garden.  This will be our third year as “farmers,” and I think we’ve got a good idea about what will work and what will not.  Definitely a good idea of what will not.

I’m really itching to begin, but I know it’s not quite time yet.  But we put in a Burpee order…and I checked some books out of the library.


We’re really trying to make sure that we will use what we grow.  Too much waste in the past.  And I think that our really big adventure this year may very well be canning.  Yep.  Botulism, here we come.

And yes, you saw that right.  The Unofficial Game of Thrones CookbookBask in the glory of our nerdery.


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