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Yep, it’s time.

Not time to do as much as I want to, but time to start something.  And that something is…

(Insert drumroll here)


They have layers, you know.  Like parfaits, except not.

We are growing Sturon Organic Onions this year…from seeds.  I know, sounds dumb, right?  But the bulbs from Burpee came in massive quantities and were pretty pricey.  So seeds it is.  If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.

We used our super nifty brand-spanking-new PotMaker to make some seed starter pots this year.  Much more environmentally (and budget) friendly.




And so freaking fun!

We got the onion seeds planted, as well as some herbs (basil, cilantro, and sage for now…more to come).


So now, all we have to do is wait!


Happy almost-spring!


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